Agenda - Disposable Solutions For Biomanufacturing

Pre-conference Workshop Day: 26 February 2018
Main Conference Days: 27 - 28 February 2018
Post Conference Focus Days: 1 March 2018 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Join the 10th iteration to:

  • Hear how to achieve a 100% disposable site with a case study from Janssen on their new launch vaccine facility 
  • Determine the best approach to integrating automated technologies with our BRAND NEW pre conference automation workshop followed by a pre-conference drinks reception
  • Evaluate the best strategies to closed system processing with single use systems as Erasmus MC and Novo Nordisk share their approach to scaling up production of cell therapy products with a closed system process
  • Understand how to incorporate sustainable practices with disposables technologies, and gain further understanding of life cycle management as Sanofi and Oxford BioMedica share their greener approach to integrating single use systems
  • Discuss how to improve technology transfer between stages of manufacturing as Polpharma share how they address the challenges between downstream and fill finish stages

Download the agenda below for a full speaker list, agenda sessions, and conference highlights. 

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